Dark Souls - Players Interview

Adrianne Curry interviews random Dark Souls players to get their thoughts on the game.

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gameguidedog2739d ago

Whose the chick, she was a riot! :)

Focker4202739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Adrianne Curry. She used to be a model, now shes married to Christopher Knight (Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch). She was also one of the judges (for lack of a better term) on The Tester season 2.

afterMoth2739d ago

I would let her devour me :D

nopunctuation2739d ago

God I hate that chick. Something about her just pisses me off.

shammgod2739d ago

Her eyes are too far apart...

xabmol2738d ago

I'd have been like, "Bitch get off me. I'm playin Dark Souls!"

Ser2739d ago

I actually hate to eat when I game...I prefer a frosty beverage for thirst quenching.

Go, Dark Souls! :D

xabmol2738d ago

RockSt*rs and sunflower seeds.

Anyone else notice the steel rhino stuck in it's walking animation?

bangoskank2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )


I agree but Demon's Souls is the only game I couldn't play while under the influence.