You think paying for Call of Duty Elite is scandalous? Liars

Because for some parts of Call of Duty: Elite you have to pay, a lot of people started complaning and saying they are not interested in it. With these thoughts in mind the surprise is even greater when we look at the number of registrations for the Call of Duty Elite beta.

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Tank_Commander_E62738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Betas are still free right? Lets see what happens when the service goes live and you have to fork over some cash.

femshep2737d ago

ahhh call of duty fanboys

"im not buying the new call of duty"....buys it
"i won't pay to play'....signs up

why don't you people grow up and play a real game like battlefield, elder scrolls, uncharted, mass effect, Alice go to your local game store im sure they have plenty of suggestions for you

R0me2737d ago

Why disagree? Remember all the topics about CoD: Black Ops.
People saying how bad it is and they are not going to buy it. A bit later, Black ops breaks a new record in sales.

radphil2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )


When did you start speaking for those fanboys or everyone for that matter? :p

SpartanQ82737d ago

its free so,, people like free stuff

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