Is Valve Gaming’s Equivalent of Pixar?

"Pixar are by far one of the best movie making companies out there, and have been for years. But could Valve be gaming’s answer to such a phenomenon?"- PureDarkness

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Fir3truck2713d ago

Very interesting I never really looked at it like that.

fluffydelusions2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I know this isn't what the article is talking about but I'd love to see a Portal movie from Valve. All this trailers they made were awesome.

Fir3truck2713d ago

or even just a "Saturday Morning" cartoon with the two multiplayer bots.

FlipDock2713d ago

That would be pretty awesome

Ducky2713d ago

TeamFortress2 characters have a lot of personality too.

Dag nabbit Valve, where's Meet the Pyro/Medic?

Beahmscream2713d ago

Definately an interesting comparison.

Inside_out2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Sorry, Valve is a solid company and has some nice IP's and many gamers put Half-life on a very deserving pedestal but they take TOO long to get anything done. As a matter of fact, M$ had to pick between Half-life and a new IP being made by Epic and eager little Cliffy B. They went with Epic because nobody know when Valve will ever get around to making and finishing a project. Best decision MGS ever made I would say people were disappointed with Portal 2.

Pixar is beyond amazing and for a company to continue to put out movie after movie of such a high quality and REGULARITY, it's unheard of. Valve is lazy and it's Steam network wasn't really tested...till now. Many Pubs are going to be starting up their own networks as the technology is cheap now and valve will have to hustle if they don't want to start laying people'll see what I mean. The days of taking 5 years to make a game are done.

Valve will have to have a yearly release if it wants to compete with EA, MGS who are bring XBL to the whole world via the PC, Activision will no doubt want to cut out the middle man as well, THQ, name it, it's coming. Valve's fat, lazy good times are OVER.

PureDarkness2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Valve have made a game (or expansion pack) in:
'98, two in '99, '00, '01, '03, two in '04, '06, '07 (which was Orange box so that's more than one), '08, '09, and '11.

Not only is that regulrity but that's also 13 games in 14 years. That's also counting Orange box as one game.

Pixar has released (including Cars 2 later this year) 12 films in 17 years. So quite how you say Valve take too long to get anything done but Pixar does stuff with regularity I do not know. Stop getting butt-hurt over them taking a while to make Half Life 3 because they've given you plenty of stuff to play with in the mean time.

maxcavsm2713d ago

Nice angle to this one; not a lot of Pixar haters out there either I imagine...

Del6732713d ago

Haha, yeah. It'd be kinda hard to hate on talking cars or a chubby boyscout.

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