Why TERA Was The Best MMO of E3 2011 - RipTen

RipTen: If you’re willing to lay down your Warglaives and look past your Lightsaber induced obsession, you may find that TERA packs the cure for your MMO woes. TERA is colorful enough to keep your eyeballs at full attention, and innovative enough to warrant this glowing mention. Heck, after playing it a few times at E3 2011, we named it Best MMO, and I’m here to tell you why.

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Spinal2742d ago

with no talent tables and no individuality this game will be another Aion. Every class using the same moves and same skills.

I like in MMO's when u can have the same class but 3 Different specs so no two mages are exactly alike for example; a Fire mage is different to a frost mage and arcane mage.

I'll wait for SWTOR and Guild Wars 2.

jaredhart2742d ago

Sweet. Will keep my eyes open.

The Great Melon2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

"It’s crosshair-like attack system requires you to actually be facing your enemy in order to deal damage. In other words, you will need to exhibit skill if you want the kill.... In other words, don’t just stand in one place pounding on your 1 key."

I might like this MMO. I have always hated MMOs like WOW where a mob of people just sit there raining fire down on an enemy by clicking one of the plethora of hotkeys. The enemy is just effectively a model for eyecandy that deals damage. I want to chase, dodge, aim, attack, run, etc. and earn my kills rather than grind.

Saryk2741d ago

I like that Tera is going a different direction. If gamers have fun and the company is profitable then the game will be a success.