Top 5 Things We Want Included in Mass Effect 3

From the feature article:

"Mass Effect 3 is still a long ways off, but here at PlanetXbox360, we can’t stop thinking about it. We gave the first game a 9.6, the sequel a perfect 10, and most recently named it our Most Anticipated Sequel of E3 2011. It is only natural for us to be thinking about the third and final installment of the trilogy. (Side note: It is not natural to dream about it every night, though, as I have been doing. Liara’s hold on me if best categorized as “unhealthy.”) Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 have delivered some of the finest moments in the history of gaming and it has all been leading up to Mass Effect 3, which means BioWare should be sweating considering the enormous weight they have on their shoulders. Will Mass Effect 3 be able to build upon the game that came before it the way Mass Effect 2 did with the original? We believe it’s possible, if these 5 things are included:"

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PS3pwnz2715d ago

The customization was dumbed down, I agree. But, I will take anything that ME3 brings. It is one of the few games that I can thoroughly trust to be awesome.

Mr PS32715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Blood,Gore and lots of it

jozzah2715d ago

I just cant tell if your being sarcastic or not.

SageHonor2715d ago

Yeah hopefully decisions like letting the council die or saving the rachni queen has a huge fallout in Mass Effect 3. If you didnt kill Wrex then you find out he is trying to unite all the krogan. If he succeeds at that and you kept the genophage cure and didnt destroy it. Im assuming thats all the krogan on your side in mass effect 3