Famitsu software sales (6/6 - 6/12)

The latest top 10 software sales estimates have been released.

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Darth Stewie2537d ago

Wow Yakuza of the End finally released and looks to be selling like popcorn at a movie theater. Hope this gets a worldwide release next year.

DarkCharizard_2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

"Sell like popcorn at a movie theatre"?? LOL, good luck with making up some more of these..

And ya, I hope it gets released next year!

Cloudberry2537d ago

But unfortunately, the cons in the game quite obvious...

I don't know...

After I read some of the impressions on other games who already played it, I rather want Yakuza Kenzan (the samurai Yakuza game) to be localized next...

Knushwood Butt2537d ago

Of The End is the first game in the series that I have no interest in.

I know the series needs a reboot, but I'll skip this one.

I'm expecting more from the next one as it should be on a totally new engine.

Darth Stewie2537d ago

I can't believe Red Faction cracked the top 10 in Japan.

Cloudberry2537d ago

Never thought Akiba's Trip still in the top 10.

Inception2537d ago

Yeah me too. But i heard a lot of good things about it. I hope NISA, Atlus, or Xseed will localize Akiba's Trip.