Cheap PS3 Deal

Every day has another deal where they try to offer a better price for a product than you could find anywhere else on the web. Today that deal happens to be a 160GB PlayStation 3, and they have succeeded in offering the lowest price GamerGaia could find.

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TheFodi2687d ago

Everybody is offering deals for the PS3 right now. It's like a competition to see who can unload them off their shelves the fastest.

pungello19882687d ago

I know right, price drop maybe?

fluffydelusions2687d ago

This happens every few months for both systems. Just a while ago they had the 4gb 360 for $199 + $50 gift card.

gaffyh2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Feels like a price drop might be coming, GamesCom will be interesting to say the least.

thong_pounder2687d ago

i don't think it's the price drop. I think it's because the decline in sales for video game industry. Which is probably why everyone is having those sales.

jesscamegan2687d ago

Why are you complaining about sales? :P

N4GAddict2687d ago

I predict a ps3 price cut

justlu2687d ago

$240 for a refurb ps3 with 90 day warranty is a good deal ? I would much rather pay the extra $60 get a game and a new unit and a 1 year warranty. Today at 9am pac amazon looks like they will be offering the ps3 on the gold box deal I'll wait and see what they offer. Up until a couple of days ago you could get a new ps3 on amazon for $299 with a $60 gift card still a better deal than woot.

justlu2687d ago

just picked up a 160gb on amazon gold box deal for $199.

TheMART2687d ago

Its Refurbished! Trash! 239 you are nuts!

299 with 100 bucks giftcard at bestbuy with real warranty, now thats a deal!

GetoverHere1222687d ago

Still won't get one, just play my roomates haha!

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