Duke Nukem Forever Review - FPSTime

FPSTime writes "« What ? did you think i was gone forever ? » Well, I would prefer that you could never come back. Com’on Duke, you’ve left the video games for 14 years, 4 studios tried to revive you and you were announced 14 years ago. Do you really think it would be easy to come back?"

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Danteh2622d ago

I'm laughing my ass off with all the Duke Nukem's reviews, seriously this game is hilarious... in the wrong way xD

FPSTime2622d ago

you know what: they spent 14 years to develop the game. I just couldn't put 0/5, just for the incredible effort of devotion for the IP ;)

humado2622d ago

wow i feel sad for this game.

after all the years

FragGen2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

They were morons for trying to revive the project. DNF was much better as a developer's cautionary tale than as a game after a decade plus delay and the original devs folding.

They should have licensed the character and done a completely new game that was actually a good modern design instead of resuscitating a 1998 style FPS that was supposed to be carried by its out of date mildly retarded "humor". M games were ultra rare/non-existent when DN1 came out.

Bumpmapping2622d ago

They need to bury him and Sonic in the nevada desert next to E.T.

Danteh2622d ago

Sonic is lookin' good with Sonic Generations, and Epidose 4 was decent, although this could be part of the "Sonic Cycle" :P

JonahNL2622d ago

Why the hate for Duke? He's a legend and it's not his fault the game disappoints.