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Online features discussed, no DVD playback, Activision gives praise.

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Merivigian2737d ago

I have a DVD player for a reason, it's a GAMING console I want it to play GAMES.

N4SIR2737d ago

but it would be sweet if it could do other things too!

Merivigian2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

True, it would be convenient, but then why even keep your Blu-ray and DVD players when everything else in your house can play them?

N4SIR2737d ago

Better to have the functionality than not!
say you have it set up in your room?
better to have just one thing that can do everything than have two or three things set up right?

RedDead2737d ago

People would complain if it wasn't there

perfectCarbonara2737d ago

I hate this defense, its so retarded. It would still play games, case in point PS2/PS3/360

You're talking as if you wouldn't get it if they DID include the option to play DVDs.

Darth Stewie2737d ago

My PS3 is a gaming machine but I love that it can also play movies via DVD, Blu Ray, and Netflix. The point is gaming consoles today are no longer just gaming consoles they are media centers and if the Wii U does not include these features it will be behind the 360,720,PS3,& PS4.

Mr_Bun2737d ago

The original wii couldn't play DVDs least not without hacking it.

Legion2737d ago

But these days DVD playback is a minimum option. We expect our game systems that are hooked up to our TV in the living room to be able to play simple DVDs.

Yes we can buy another device to add to the tech mess we already have in our living rooms... but we don't expect to have to.

Just like the Wii being two generations behind when it comes to this function the Wii U will follow suit. When your PS2 and Xbox had the functions ages ago... you expect new generation consoles to include it.

So don't complain if you can't get internet streaming or other functions that aren't GAME oriented. As you said this is just a game machinee to you.

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Stealth20k2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

I already have like 5 dvd players from systems. I dont need another

fluffydelusions2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

I don't even own a blu-ray or dvd. Used to have some but sold them. Netflix suffices just fine. And everyone should have seen this coming. Nintendo always uses some proprietary format to avoid licensing fees.

AWBrawler2737d ago

Again I ask why are hardcore gamers complaining over a lack of casual functionality? I don't even turn my tv on unless it's to play a game on it. Thats he kind of gamer I am. For movies I use Netflix and for my anime I use my trusted anime sites on my HD laptop

christoph2032737d ago

the wii u could be the halt of nintendo's success this gen.. it seems like they will have fallen behind to much.. as a casual machine this could be great, but in terms of nintendo trying to compete with sony/microsoft it will look bad on their part..

I mean sony have a blu-ray/dvd/cd machine with the muscle of PSN too back it up for a price that will be cheaper than wii U. add all the unique games comming out like last guardian & uncharted 3 too that..

I think nintendo could be in trouble with this machine.. the controller has single touch display.. that's out dated already and the online dosnt sound promising...

christoph2032737d ago

so think about it:

your getting a hell of alot more value from your ps3 than a wii u.. add the over a 100 games in 3D for ps3 aswell..

StanSmith2737d ago

Based on what exactly?

We don't know enough about it to write it off like you are! Multiple devs and publishers are saying it's a great system. They know more than we currently do.

Apex132737d ago

online streaming and downloading legal or not is the way forward and yes there is a DVD in everything so I dont need another.

in my bedroom alone I 4 things that play dvd. PS3, 360, MAC, Sony surround system. Nintendo I believe are learning to listen to people whilst sticking to what they know so that's all good. if they listen to people to much every console would only evolve with just power and nothing else which is why I love this company. Sometimes they get it right and at times wrong so they need to find that balance. Not sure why people are always on sonys dick but hay.

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