The 10 commandments of PC games

Bruno Ferreira, The Tech Report: "This post is a filing of complaints—a request for a redress of grievances. My intention is plain and simple: to tell game studios how they're doing it wrong."

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DeadlyFire2742d ago

#2 needs to be burned off this list. Non Accelerated mouse? Have any idea how bad aiming is without that feature.

ulath6662742d ago

Wait what?
You are serious aren't you?

To be able to aim with precision all acceleration should be OFF, since a 1:1 movement is much easier to calculate for a human than an exponentially increasing speed.
Check out any "protips", all across the board its no acell and generally low sens/high dpi

DeadlyFire2742d ago

Not on certain games. Mouse moves slow as dirt. Turn it on its normal speed. Might just be some PC ports that this is used for like this, or Might just be cheapo brand of mice I am accustomed to using, but its generally alot better experience with it on for me on my system with games.

I aim alot better with it on then off. Its much better for FPS player than most other games.

gk072742d ago

nice i agree with most of it ,had a xbox for windows controller butt its not working anymore had it for little as a month and it craped out on me got a logitech one butt it only works on some games what the fuc ,i love pc gaming butt they need to get there shit together : )