Mark Hamill leaves the door open for more Joker and possible Arkham City sequels? Mark Hamill has denied that he has played the Joker for the last time. Instead stating that he thinks that Arkham City is so good, it will be hard to top.

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Simonkey752471d ago

It'd be great news if he does return - his performance as The Joker is fantastic.

SilentNegotiator2471d ago

Mark Hamill has been playing Joker since the 90s. When I think Joker, I think of that iconic laugh.

It would be a shame to lose him as the voice.

John Di Maggio played Joker in Under the Red Hood, and he did pretty decently. Too bad they went with a more "edgy" post-Dark Knight Joker in that, though...

Pintheshadows2471d ago

John Di Maggio was good. I really enjoyed Under the Red Hood.

kookie2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

The original voice of Joker.
I have almost completed arkham asylum.

cyborg69712471d ago

Please master Luke keep on voicing the joker.

Quagmire2471d ago

Imo, if he doesnt come back, they would best not replace his voice actor. Joker IS Mark Hamill.

ShoryukenII2471d ago

I read Mark Hamill leaves and passed out.

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