Go! Gaming Giant: Under Siege Review

From the review:

"There’s no denying that consoles have been dominating the video game market for a number of years now. That’s all fine and dandy, but it has led to certain genres greatly falling in popularity because many of them simply don’t control well with standard gaming controllers. Among others, the real-time strategy is one such genre. Oh, sure, there are several choices available and some of them are even pretty decent, but just how many really stick out? Well, thankfully the folks at Seed Studios have popped into the scene and given us Under Siege, a console RTS actually worth remembering."

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omicron0092652d ago

hmm, looks interesting. might give it a shot.

itani2652d ago

Would try this but PC sucks.

RaymondM2651d ago

not a bad score at all, and I've been looking for a decent RTS to play of recent.