Go! Gaming Giant: D&D Daggerdale Review

From the review:

"Though I don’t always seem like it, I’m a huge nerd and I have played more than my fair share of tabletop games, including the classic Dungeons & Dragons. It wasn’t my favorite), but I’m always interested in new material, which is why I was excited to see Daggerdale make its way to the XBLA, not only because I love new XBLA titles but also because this is the first video game based on the recent 4th Edition rules…which I have not yet even played in person. Obviously, Daggerdale can’t hold a candle to human interaction and improvisational dialog and storylines, but in terms of a strict video game, it’s a rather worthwhile experience. You should, however, expect a few issues which could make or break the game for you."

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omicron0092710d ago

not surprised it only got a 5

2709d ago
RaymondM2708d ago

ouch, me and my brother were going to get this one, I think I might stay away from it now...