Devil May Cry Developer Interview Video

Capcom have released this pretty length video interview with three of it’s developers who are working on the new Devil May Cry title, from the development teams at both Capcom Japan and US.

The group discuss new gameplay mechanics, the environments and backgrounds, and how the game fits into the series’ plotline.

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VileAndVicious2737d ago

I love how you got ALL those disagrees just because you said you be buying it day one....

Its like god forbid you have your own opinion about something.
For the record it will probably be a day one for me as well.

FunAndGun2737d ago

and god forbid EVERYONE else having their own opinions by disagreeing!

works both ways. I disagreed because I am NOT day 1 buying this game.

gunnerforlife2737d ago

this is one game that i will wait for the reviews to come out before i make up my mind, i love DMC but i wont pay 45 for a game that doesn't stick to its roots and doesn't even look like its predecessors'.

Greek God2737d ago

Fuck this shit
as a true DMC fan i wont buy this
Dantes pee is even better than shitty DmC

fei-hung2737d ago

couple of point for crapcom to consider:

1) No, you are not listening to the fans of the franchise
2) No, we do not care about it having the same director as he already screwed up previous DMC's and DMC1 which was arguably the best DMC has had most the talent shift to Platnium games including the founder of DMC.
3) No, Ninja Theory are not all so great as made out to be and they talk more than they deliver.
4) DMC didn't need a makeover, it needed to go back to what it did best and hiring NT has only made you step further away from fans of the franchise.

In the end however, the sales will speak for themselves and I wonder what excuse NT will come out when their 2nd game doesn't sell as well as they expected!

zackacloud2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )


How Some people still calling them developers ??!

I thought everyone know they are destroiers ?

Tigerfist2737d ago

So far I haven't been convinced on this one and I doubt that will ever change.

Seems like this gen is killing all of my favorite franchises and gameplay styles.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2737d ago

"Seems like this gen is killing all of my favorite franchises and gameplay styles"

I feel the same way you do, EVERYTHING has been destroyed this gen. Nothing has gone the way I expected it.

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The story is too old to be commented.