Road To The IGF: Schizoid's New Wave For Co-Op

Continuing Gamasutra's 'Road to the IGF' feature, which profiles and interviews Independent Games Festival 2008 entrants, today's interview is with Torpex Games' Bill Dugan.

Dugan's eight-person team consists of himself, Jamie Fristrom, James Chao, Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield, Skaff Elias, Greg Taylor, Chip Brown and Brian Luzietti, who can claim about 12 years of game development experience, on average, each. And most of them have worked together previously in some capacity, suggesting that their long-standing partnerships and strong team dynamic might have helped influence their entry's gameplay.

They describe Schizoid, an Xbox 360 Live Arcade game developed using XNA Game Studio, as "the most co-op game ever," calling on the teamwork skills of a synchronized duo as each partner must handle waves of enemy ships in opposing colors.

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

Gamasutra: "What motivated the co-op game mechanic, and where did you draw inspiration from in Schizoid's design and implementation?"

Dugan: "Jamie Fristrom, our technical director, was at GameFest last year, and between sessions wondered about a game where you'd control two guys with the two thumbsticks. He tried out a couple of prototyping..."

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wageslave3984d ago

This looks like a great game. You're success depends on your coop partner.

Great concept, excellent looking game.