Final Fantasy XIII-2 Weekly Famitsu Details

Check out details of Final Fantasy 13-2 on the latest issue of Famitsu.

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helghast1022688d ago

Not a whole lot of information here, except that one little tidbit about revisiting towns, so that should shut up a certain vocal group.
The only way this could get better now is if they changed the god-awful music in the Paradox Alpha boss fight. UGH.

Son_Lee2688d ago

I'm still not sold on Noel being the main character, either. Granted we don't know a lot about him, but I'd prefer Serah to be the lead.

The music is good, it just doesn't fit with the universe. It gives us that whole FFX-2 feeling all over again, even though they said this game was going to be darker.

They should have at least remixed the boss theme from FFXIII or added a new one altogether.

Jack-Dangerously2688d ago

This may be weird, especially considering I've played more than a couple of the FF games... But I don't like his outfit... It looks too... "busy" imo.

But his character could end up being refreshing, meaning maybe he's a little tougher than they(jrpg males) typically have been in my experience.

I'm still just wanting a classic feeling FF.
Hopefully this one is closer than 13 was.

helghast1022688d ago

Honestly, from what I've seen so far, I like Noel, and he has a damn good voice actor.
Then again, I also ended up liking Hope near the end of XIII, so take that as you will.

RedDead2688d ago

Hope was alright by the end imo. I don't like this guys design, but he might be an alright character

Tdmd2687d ago

Should Serah be the lead, I wouldn't even care to give it a rent after release. I like Noel's design at least and I'm really glad HE is the lead. If it were up to me, Serah wouldn't even be playable. I look at her and all I see is another Vanille...
Off course, I might be wrong.

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Son_Lee2688d ago

Yeah, I mean like I said, we don't know enough about him. I don't judge him yet, but I'm going based off his appearance and the fact that I wish Serah was the main character. That may sound shallow, but appearance is important in an RPG. He could be the greatest character ever, so we just have to wait and see.

Troll-without-Bridge2688d ago

Noel is Haku from Spirited away, thats enough reason for me to like him.

EverydayGuy2688d ago

WTF happen to Snow, weren't they suppose to be married? It seem like what Lightning was saying is Serah and her are the only one remembered what happen before.

[email protected]2687d ago

I think its the short girl with blond hair on the trailer or better yet the girl that scream on the demo gameplay when the big hand thingy attack the summit.