LA Noire sales "below our estimate"

EuroGamer - Rockstar's epic detective caper L.A. Noire sold 899,000 copies in the US during its debut month on sale.

While that doesn't sound too shabby to us, industry analyst Wedbush Securities isn't impressed.

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NYC_Gamer2736d ago

how could 899,000 in one month be bad?might i add these are only north american sales.

SpaceSquirrel2736d ago

The game probably took a long time and a lot of resources to create.

-Mezzo-2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Cheez, what is wrong with gamer's these days, they're obsessed with "FPS Genre" and would not appreciate any other Gameplay style, Still it would be stupid for anyone to say that these numbers are in anyway BAD.

"Team Bondi" should have made the Gameplay similar to the Image Below, To sell 10 Million.

WaggleLOL2736d ago

Don't blame gamers, the game was garbage.

Spitfire_Riggz2736d ago

Yeah last I remember it took years to make. And I remember someone from Naughty Dog saying the reason the tech wasnt used for Uncharted 3 was because of how expensive it was.

nix2736d ago

Note to Rockstar:

After that debacle called GTAIV, i stopped trusting reviews of games from R*. GTAIV was given 10/10 across the world and in reality it was really really a boring game. other GTA's were better.

It was really the GTAIV that did it for me. didn't pick up RDR. was going to pick up LA Noire. I still have the wallpaper on my mac. read the reviews from users, it's rinse and wash after few missions.

i know it's not R* who developed this game but it has got R*'s stamp all over it. Next game i pick up from R* will be something that doesn't have sandbox mode in it.

and... that's my opinion.

Disccordia2736d ago

Yeah the game is OK but after a few missions it's very repetitive and boring. In my own personal experience, I also found the interrogating system to be very shallow and mostly just a guessing game. Still, I'd say those figures are pretty good for a new IP from a studios first game.

Inside_out2736d ago

I don't know who would get excited about a game that basically is a series of interviews. I'm surprised the game has done as well as it has and the marketing campaign probably has something to do with that but that is not cheap as well.

I'm not a big fan of that style of gaming and much like Heavy rain, you could get the same experience on a DS lite or cell phone since the thing is not much more than cut scenes. It's no surprise that this was in development for PS3. I'll take game play over this kind of silly nonsense.

btw...I understand this game has been in development since the beginning of this gen with a big team...that means that this game would need a lot of sales ( maybe 2+ million ) just to break even.

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MultiConsoleGamer2736d ago

I'm not surprised at all. And you can shave a little of their sales numbers for the people who mistakenly bought this game thinking it was like GTA.

ElementX2736d ago

Well, if they bought the game thinking it was like GTA, those still count as sales. I think the problem has to do with assumptions. A lot of people assume that a Rockstar published game was created by Rockstar. To assume makes an "ASS" out of "U" and "ME" (ASSUME). It's sad that people see a name and think it will be like every other game the company has published.

MultiConsoleGamer2736d ago

I think Rockstar's early advertising had a little to do with the confusion. TV spots will filled with driving, fights, shootouts. It all felt very GTA.

hudsoniscool2736d ago

A new ip that will sell more than 4 million lifetime is below there expectations. wow

lazertroy2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Like I keep telling people. Video Gaming is Dying.

Fishy Fingers2736d ago

Actually it's one of the few entertainment mediums not in decline.

worm20102736d ago

i love the game i just hope that they make another one and while were at it how about heavy rain 2

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