CVG- Child of Eden Review

CVG: "If you played Rez though and came out the other side with a massive smile that lasted for days, you'll have the same experience with Child of Eden.

If you have no point of reference, this is a truly beautiful two hour piece of art that you will want to come back to periodically just experience it all again. Moreover it's a piece of art that only a game developer could achieve. We'll let you judge whether that's worth £30. That is if you can wrap your head around the idea before playing it.

Niche, but a true work of art and one that only a video game could achieve. It's marred by a lack of content but what's there is like nothing else we've seen and will force you to come back at least a few times."

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Close_Second2658d ago

That means it could be around $50 on NZ PSN. Not sure it will be worth it unless it makes good use of the Move controller.

MinusTheBear2658d ago

Its a 2 hour game, don't bother. Just rent it.