GameInformer: Duke Nukem Forever Review

GameInformer: "With development stretching back over 12 years to a time when PC gamers were first introduced to Half-Life and Unreal and console players were realizing that first-person shooters had a bright future on their favorite machines, Duke Nukem Forever doesn’t look dated.

Sure, the texture work on Duke’s middle finger could look sharper, and the strippers' robotic animations make me wonder if these women have ever danced before, but the game occasionally spits out a lumbering boss worth marveling over or an environmental explosion that dazzles the eyes with large-scale physics-based carnage.

The game’s design also appears to be based exclusively off of modern FPS blueprints. Duke has regenerating health (yet at one point he mocks Master Chief), and surprise surprise, he can only wield two weapons at a time (just like Chief). Moreover, many enemy encounters are scripted events, timely checkpoints are scattered liberally throughout stages, and gameplay variety is offered through vehicle and rail gun sequences."

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