When White Knight Chronicles II Arrives, The Online World Will Already Have Players

Siliconera writes "D3 Publisher have White Knight Chronicles II slated for release on August 2nd in North America. The PlayStation 3 sequel includes a revised version of White Knight Chronicles and White Knight Chronicles II on the same disc. Yes, it’s possible in the English version to skip straight to part II."

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Darth Stewie2736d ago

I always wanted to try this game but I am still waiting for the first game to reach $20 but know I will wait for this game to price drop since it includes part 1 & 2.

ShoryukenII2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Even if this game is average I'll be getting it because it comes with the first game.
Edit: The article says the NA and EU share servers so we can play together. :)

-X-2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Most reviewers gave it a bad score, because the story is bad (which it is..its like a horrible anime version of mario or zelda..or any "save the princess game").

The online is what really make this game though. The game has forums, city hubs, 4-player quest. It seems like a MMO. Even though I do believe the story is bad, the multi-player makes up for it. In WKC 2 the combat system has been updated to be faster which is awesome! We also get to make our own knights!!

WildArmed2735d ago

Hah! I knew it. I saw you once on WKC when doing Miner Problem II a looong time ago.
I figured I'd seen you on n4g before :D

And yes, the reviews are too focused on SP.
I don't think it's fair.
When FPS-franchises focal point has become MP, they forgive a bad campaign.
But apparently, it doesn't apply for JRPGs.
If the MP is he focal point of WKC, shouldn't it be given a decent change by the reviewers?
most reviewers for WKC didn't get pasted GR 6 before writing their review, which is quite pathetic.

-X-2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

That must have been looong ago lol. Since my last PS3 YLODed on me I have to play the online again, which I don't mind.....but as I said before..GOD I HATE STORY.

add meh on WKC!

radphil2735d ago


Correction: It's now 6 players in WKC2

WildArmed2735d ago

Haha, will do.
Yeah, it was a looong time ago.. When I was Gr13 i think.
.. I wanna say first half of 2010.

felonycarclub2735d ago

i cant wait for this i never got the first one but since this one comes with both i have to buy it