E3 2011: The War of the Worlds Preview / Interview

GamePron: I don’t like to play favourites, but I’m going to lay my cards on the table, right here. Whenever anybody has asked me for my “highlight of E3″, Other Ocean‘s interpretation of The War of the Worlds has come out on the top of the list.

For some, that may be a surprising choice – a 2D downloadable platformer, topping out all of the AAA titles and big-name franchises that were flashed at me over those hectic days – but from what I saw of the game, just a handful of us sitting in a quiet room, there’s no question that for me, at least, this one is the stand-out.

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Close_Second2741d ago

If the gameplay matches then visuals I'm sold. I just hope its not devoid of substance like that damned awful Spielberg attempt a few years ago.