We Dare under review from Australian censors

GamePron: Remember all the fuss that surrounded We Dare when it was set to make its debut, earlier this year? Remember how the game was cancelled in the UK, following the public outcry? Remember how Australians chuckled as the game was given a PG rating Down Under?

...well, looks like that might change, as the Australian Classification Board has announced it will review the game’s current Australian rating, after receiving “heavy criticism” over the decision.

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ESR-N4G2711d ago

Wow, regardless of the game's genre and theme, the Aus Govt. really need to loosen the f**k up.

GrumpyVeteran2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Funny thing there's only 2 "raunchy"(I use that term loosely) minigames in this game anyway.

barkingspace2704d ago

Makes you wonder what the "Special Edition" ships with. :)