Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 - Post-E3 Comparison

MMGN writes: Having played Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 within 24 hours of one another at E3 last week makes me better than you. Mainly because I'm one of a few people on the planet that can confidently compare the two after having spent similar amounts of time playing them. I've done that, and I've concluded that it would be terribly unfair (and ridiculous) to compare two games that were shown in completely different lights.

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alousow2736d ago

why are you comparing MW1.3 and BF3, its like comparing Madden 99 and Madden 11, u see the difference, BF3 is 100 times superior to MW1.3, dont get me wrong Mw1.3 will sell a lot but quality wise BF3 far more superior, its a matter of time untill BF becomes the king of FPS

_CoD-Pro_2734d ago

WOW!! every blog is pretty much about battlefield 3 vs mondern warfare 3 .