Saints Row 3 Is Leaps And Bounds Above GTA 4, Unbelievable Interview Details

The demonstration of Saints Row 3 at E3'11 was more than just jaw dropping, the gameplay details are over the top and easily surpasses the fun you will experience in Grand Theft Auto 4.

Rockstar has to make a serious comeback because THQ And Volition mean business.

Watch The Interview Below

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LOGICWINS2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Agree if you knew this was HHG when you read the title lol.

Glad you feel as excited about this game as I do Hiphop. VERY excited for this one.

EDIT: Btw, putting this game in the same sentence as GTA4 is an INSULT to Saints Row: Third. The GTA franchise peaked at San Andreas as far as freedom, variety, and overall entertainment value IMO. Saints Row 2, in my eyes(and in the eyes of many) was the TRUE spiritual successor to GTA: San Andreas.

I have no doubt that by the time this year is over, Infamous 2 and Saints Row: The Third will be my two favorite open world/action games this generation thus far.

Kon2736d ago

Saints Row will always live under GTA shadow, no matter what you say.

LtSkittles2736d ago

Saints Row, and GTA are two totally different games. Saints Row is about having over the top fun, GTA is a satire of the American lifestyle.

CrimsonEngage2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Of course it's leaps and bounds better than GTA. GTA 4 is an old game. SR3 hasn't even came out yet. Fail.

edit- and why in THE fuck... is this guy carrying a fake ass WWE Championship belt?

matt19912736d ago

Because its a free country and he wants to.

CrimsonEngage2736d ago

Keep telling yourself that...

ape0072736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

well i have both SR1 and SR2, both games are icredibaly fun and addictive, guys seriously if u look at it as a cheap gta clone, you are wrong give it a try

note, it was a great time playing SR1 on xbox 360 in 2006, (things felt SOOO FRESH) before ps3 and wii,came out, ahhhh golden days

on the other hand, Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the best games I've ever played,when it first came out I hated it so much, when I just got my mind used to the control, I thought I was stupid, I learned a lesson not to judge a game from the first play, however the jump to next gen is unbelievable in every way, it's a 3 year old game and still play it to this day and still get impressed at how awesome the physics are and the crazy level of detail, gta 4 (despite some flaws) is so dense, so epic, so grand, so magical, so mind blowing and have that trademark R* North MAGIC

the bottom line is: BRING SR3 and GTA5

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The story is too old to be commented.