GamerNode: BioShock Infinite Preview

GamerNode's Dan Crabtree writes:

"BioShock has always been about unintended consequences," says Irrational Games' Creative Director Ken Levine. Players who plunged into the underwater city of Rapture in the original BioShock were duped by a con-man, a distinctly memorable moment that encapsulates the game's narrative and ludonarrative (a term coined by Clint Hocking in his critique of BioShock's thematic entity). As I look to Irrational Games' sequel, BioShock Infinite (BioShock 2 was developed by 2K Marin), my guard is up. No murderer or con-man will befool me this time... I'm sure.

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joab7772739d ago

In a time when everyone is trying to be the best looking game or the one that always runs at 30 fps; in a time all about bigger and better sequels that have managed to hone or perfect their IP; in a time in which many games and their publishers are pushing for annual releases to capitalize on the momentum in order to achieve maximum profitability, irrational games, once again bucks the trend, breaking the mold to release a high budget journey in the vein of an Indie release. I like the comparison made in the article regarding tears and the relationship between publishers and creators. Levine and Irrational prove that letting go of the reigns may b the best way to make a game, but it still isn't the best way to make money & unfortunately this is why games like bioshock infinite are one in a million. I too was blown away and surprised by the newest reveals at E3, though,in a way, it is exactly as i have expected all along, simply more precise. In possibly the greatest year (or yr and a half)in gaming history, i am now looking forward to this game more than any other. And its not that i wont b completely satisfied by skyrim, me3, revelations,b3, u3, rage, % Batman,its just that bioshock grants us gamers both the awe of big game budgets, and the personal relationship And connection w the developers experienced only when playing an Indie game. It is a great example of games as art, and the full realization of pure freedom, imagination,and consequence. Thanks Irrational. Keep doing whatu r doing.