Japanese StarFox 64 3D Trailer

Here is a brand new trailer for StarFox 64 3D in Japanese.

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Eternalb2742d ago

Is it sad that I'm thinking about buying a 3DS for N64 remakes?

longcat2742d ago

If it makes you happy - then go for it (might want to wit for a price drop though)

For some reason i got the urge to play panzer dragoon.
Gotta go find my xbox

Eternalb2742d ago

I can definitely wait for a price drop, maybe even a redesign with better battery life. As for Panzer Dragoon though... you better go find your Saturn. ZWEI!!!

AWBrawler2742d ago

only remake I'd buy on 3DS would be Earthbound.

oh and Snake Eater, because I missed it the first time

Rhezin2742d ago

it's starfox, of course i'll buy a FULL 3D remake.

apollo062741d ago

I guess this StarFoxis more than just a remake though... I have read it has a lot of extras and the 3D is awesome. The controls are supposed to be spot on as well.