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Gamespot: Duke Nukem Forever PC Review

The bland and ugly Duke Nukem Forever turns a famous gaming icon into an embarrassment. (Duke Nukem Forever, PC) 3.5/10

Joecool6101  +   1174d ago
whoever wrote this review should be fired from gamespot.
tunaks1  +   1174d ago

The game looks like garbage, GS isn't the only site giving it bad reviews.
BeOneWithTheGun  +   1174d ago
Wow. That is one negative review. I am an old fart and played the crap outta the old Duke games and had really high hopes for this one. I normally just read reviews to get an idea about a game, not really base an merit on it but after reading all of the low scoring ones, I gotta say, I am not even gonna gamefly this one.

BTW: Alice: The Madness Returns sucks, too.
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ATiElite  +   1174d ago
It's just Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem has NEVER been about graphics or innovative game play. we should just be lucky someone pick it up, finished it and released it.

The game is basically 8 year old tech with sugar dumped all over it in an attempt to modernize it. as long as the controls are solid then fine cause remember the game is 8 years old, actually 14 years of Dev time.

It's Duke Nukem, lots of shooting, one liners, and odd ball game play not to be compared with Half Life.

I haven't played it yet because it's not $2.99 yet.
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SantistaUSA  +   1174d ago
I just played the game for about an hour, and it SUCKS really bad!!! I loved DN3D, I've played it non stop back in the day and it was the first game that I played online!

I am very disappointed with this game!
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   1174d ago
People should stop complaining about review scores and buy DNF regardless if they are fans
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kaveti6616  +   1174d ago

duke nukem fans were not fans of duke nukem just because of the name. they liked the series because back then it was good.

now it's relatively shitty.
kvg88  +   1174d ago
Im sorry, but I don't see why this game should be treated as a special case in the modern video game market in terms of reception and review scores. If it sucks, it sucks and we as gamers have to face that fact. I will rent first and buy later only if I like it, not because of infatuated nostalgia for a gaming era that has long since ended. By buying a turd, you support the creation of more turds to sell. If the game is as bad as reviewers are saying, perhaps it should have been held back longer or cancelled. The industry shouldn't have to move backwards for a game. As of right now, DNF is getting scores it seemingly deserves as they have been generally negative all around the board.
SantistaUSA  +   1174d ago
I agree with ya! I think Gearbox should have just started from the ground up. I've been playing for little over an hour, and it's horrible :(
RufustheSage  +   1174d ago
Holy shit, can't believe reviewers are dumping on the game so hard! What did they honestly expect?
I'm enjoying my Balls of Steel Edition, shooting pigs with my shotgun, that's all I need from Duke.
banjadude  +   1174d ago
I too, picked up the Balls of Steel edition. Hopefully it arrives in the mail tomorrow!
refocusedman  +   1174d ago
Wow a 3.5 I can honestly say I really didnt see that one coming. When I first looked at it I honestly thought it was out of 5. lol
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Solidus187-SCMilk  +   1174d ago
I always thought this game would suck bad
I kinda still want to play it because I love duke, but I think its would probably be better off just playing duke 3d instead.
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Legionaire2005  +   1174d ago
Damnnn!!!! even the 360 review is much worst than this already worst score. Wow 3.5 and 3.0!!!! haven't seen a game get that score in a long time.
Legionaire2005  +   1174d ago
Just play it and I have to agree with the critics!!! Its dated and it sucks. The barbie doll girl characters are annoying lol

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