GameSpot: Duke Nukem Forever 360 Review

Kevin VanOrd writes: "The bland and ugly Duke Nukem Forever turns a famous gaming icon into an embarrassment."

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Legionaire20052657d ago

Damnnn!!!! the 360 video review LOL!!! I have to agree this is probably one of the worst games of this year!!! Disappointment. Im going to trade in this game for Fear 3, or maybe I should of gotten Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Both game will blow this game out the water this month. Heck even Bulletstorm is better. That's what could of been Duke if Epic, and People Can Fly had the game in development. This is the worst piece of garbage that is not worth $60 bucks. Years of development hell!!! Yet it can't even live up to that one quote from Duke. " After 12 fu*king years it better be good." Music to my ears LMAO!!!