Cliffy B to appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this evening

SystemLink says: "Only three months away from the third emergence day, Gears of War 3 is primed to take over this holiday season. Though the beta is over the game's lead designer, Cliff Bleszinski, will be appearing tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to discuss the game. As Marcus Fenix would say, "NICE!"

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Jack-Dangerously2741d ago

Geez. Jimmy Fallon is getting a ton of video game related thingies. Would have been better (for me) if all of these videos ect were on Conan, because I actually watch that show.

Spitfire_Riggz2740d ago

Seriously why the heck has he gotten all the video game stuff? He's terrible at it

Jack-Dangerously2740d ago

The Gears demo was sad with Jimmy playing it... Then Clifford took over and the game wouldn't work.... That had to have been humiliating.

Chaostar2741d ago

Clifford's getting married? Who's the lucky guy?

Nah I'm just joking around, congrats Mr B.

Unless of course he IS gay and my crap joke made no sense? In which case also congrats.

Chaostar2741d ago

Don't they look cute, all the best to them :)

zeal0us2741d ago

jimmy fallon makes the games themselves look dumb sadly. Ever see him play UC3 and even last night MW3? I felt like I died inside a little.

BlueTemplar2741d ago

Oh good, if theres one thing this guy needs it's more exposure

clarkdef2741d ago

Can't say I like Cliff, looks like the type of guy that would get to you after a while lol.

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