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Most of the cases will end even if the gamer does badly, the most the gamer will ever get is a scolding from the captain.

It would have been nice to see different story elements if the wrong person is convicted of the crime.

However as a first game one can’t really expect the heaven’s and the moon at the same time.

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RedSky2653d ago

Barring AAA production values the gameplay is frustrating as hell. Most of the effort goes into trying to figure out what the developers intended.

Sometimes you can call a lie on circumstantial evidence. Sometimes you can't. Sometimes there's 2 pieces of supporting evidence but the game makes you guess which one it wants. Plus it's a complete gamble whether Cole decides to go full on inquisitorial on their asses or plays good cop.

For all the fuss about motion capture, all it comes down to is judging how twitchy they are.

I've just about given up on this game. The story kept me going for a while but in the final arson stretch and it's entirely obvious how it's going to play out.