E3 2011 Wrap Up - Sessler's Soapbox

E3 2011 has come to a close, and while there are plenty of post-mortems and wrap-ups no one can vocalize the experience and wonder of the Electonronics Entertainment Expo like Adam Sessler. On this week's Soapbox The Sess will break down what impressed him, what surprised him, and what left him with a WTF expression on his face.

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Reibooi2710d ago

The whole Wii U thing made no sense to me. I mean now that everything is over and we got more info from Nintendo about what it is and all that I get it.

But that press conference was horrible. Almost everybody left that thing not knowing what the hell it was they just saw. Nintendo did everything in their power to not say the word console nor show a console and that confused alot of people. Not to mention naming it Wii U makes it sound like it's a add on to the Wii and not a new console. Wii 2 would have been better barring a completely new name which would have been the best thing in my opinion.

ReservoirDog3162710d ago

About the Wii 2 name. Wii is pronounced wee in Japanese. Two is pronounced ni (nee).

Yeah, that wouldn't have played well. They needed something else.

Game0N2710d ago

Very insightful sessler, i agree with risk-taking being the core of video game growth, we need more IPs, new ideas...

lizard812882710d ago

I agree with him on Nintendo

Orange2710d ago

wonder what the jaded panel thought about psvita. it was a jolt to me... there were some creative things being done combining interfaces without sacrificing any graphical firepower. and then to price it affordably....that got my attention, whereas before it was shown, i'd decided i would skip the next gen of handhelds and stick with my ipad.