J2Review: Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters at writes, "To most of the younger crowd, The Green Lantern is known as John Stewart, hence why they are so confused by the choice of Ryan Reynolds for the The Green Lantern. Reynolds does in fact reprise the voicing role for the game's main character, as The Rise of the Manhunters focuses on the early career of silver age hero Hal Jordan as the Earth's lantern representative. As the game boots up, Jordan is training on the Lantern Corps home base of Oa when the funeral of Abin Sur (the prior bearer of Jordan's ring) is rudely interrupted by an attack by the Manhunters, a robot species that has a beef with the Lantern Corp (think of the Sentinels you fight in X-Men Arcade and you can get a basic idea of what you're up against)."

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