Beowulf To Get Naked Angelina Jolie?

Speaking in an interview, Beowulf's narrative designer Gabrielle Shrager said that there was no way around sliding nudity into the game. Letting fly on the subject, Shrager said:

"There is much sexual innuendo in the game, because the faustian character who is Grendel's mother goes about getting you to sign the dirty deal with her by using her extremely tempting body. So you have that aspect of it and there's definitely no way around it. It's a very, very important part of it."

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HeartlesskizZ3768d ago

I love the Beowulf character so much that im actually going to buy this game. the movie looks great but I hope the dont mess the game with nudity just like Conan did.

Skizelli3768d ago

Nudity is common place in the Conan universe. It's just a shame that the game implemented it in a poor manner; rescuing nude women as a side objective seemed like a lame excuse to add nudity in the game.

FordGTGuy3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )


smirx3767d ago

Jk, but I do think that the game developers are putting this out there just for hype. Just rent Taking Lives, that should do the trick for ya!

Black Rose3768d ago

All I hope for this game is to be as great or better then God of war so that the next GOW will have the stress to make the game better every time. thats the beauty of competition.

jackfatal3768d ago

only her lips are hot!!
the picture i have she IS HOT!

cherdman3768d ago

What an abortion of the source material. Shame.

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