CtrlAltKill E3 2011 Hands-On: Rage Not As Open World Or Compelling As I Thought

While the technology behind Rage is undeniably great, it was the gameplay that mattered. Rage is vastly different from what you’d expect from an id game. It’s an open world with driving, a crafting system, and side missions.

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Pintheshadows2738d ago

I thought it was hub based but with very large environments like Borderlands. I don't get where this misconception otherwise has come from. iD has always said that was the case.

Anyway, it's iD so i'll bite and purchase.

ATiElite2738d ago

id software known for some of the best corridor FPS ever so why would RAGE be anything different.

Still worth a purchase although a more open world would have been much better.

BeastlyRig2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

yeah but it has been a while since they made a shooter so they still have to prove themselves to make a current good game..

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joab7772738d ago

I am very excited but I always worry when games use generic RPG elements. It is never deep enough and exists simply as customization. Also, as stated, u end up going to point a, point b etc. But u always are doing that whether it is bioshock or terminator. So, the key is finding new and interesting ways to make it happen. And the bottom line is the story. That is what separates to average from the classics. There's has to b something that drives u forward at every turn, so that when u turn it off u cannot stop thinking about it. Bioshock was a masterful game in this way. And if rage needs to b delayed to deliver this, I'm fine. My worry is that no one delays a month to fix a foundational issue. It may b similar to borderlands, a game I really liked and had fun with. But, another game w no real gripping story, a game that would probably have had real issues standing alone as an sp. It was fun in Co op. Anyway, I have rage reserved, I just hope it can deliver.