Marooners' Rock E3 2011: Torchlight II Hands-On Preview

Chris writes: "Just a few months ago, I called the XBLA version of Torchlight the most fun I’d had gaming so far in 2011. Portal 2 dethroned it, and I’m afraid that this fall’s Neverwinter is going to bump it slightly more, but none of this changes the fact that Torchlight will still be one of my top 2011 games. At E3, I was privileged enough to sit down and play through one of the random events (that was not so random for the sake of the demonstration) that make up Torchlight II’s explorable overworld, and I had an absolute blast."

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JsonHenry2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Can't wait for this! LOVED the first one! (I played the first on PC though, so I can't speak for the 360 version)