Critics Trash Duke Nukem Forever

Eric of writes:

"Well it’s been a long time coming for fans of the Duke Nukem franchise but with numerous delays and with the game changing developers so many times it looks like critics and fans alike aren’t all that excited about this latest title. I normally don't make a big deal about review scores but gamers have been waiting years for this game. Looking at Metacritic DNF is averaging around the 50 point mark with the PC version rating the highest at 59 and the 360 version coming in at 49."

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rrquinta2622d ago

I guess it's not surprising, but it's still a shame.

Rainstorm812622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

Alot of people expected this game to be good and im not sure why?

What game ever had a long development history like this and ended up being great??

I think people thought it would ride the nostalgia wave and Gearbox into good review scores...

omi25p2622d ago

Alan wake was in development for quite sometime and it was fantastic.

-EvoAnubis-2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

@omni25p: Too Human had a dev time almost as long as DNF. It was horrid. Proof positive that games, much like food, can turn out horrible if overcooked.

Edit: Although I do agree Alan Wake was fantastic. A shame more people never discovered that because they didn't buy it; it was a crime how much that undersold.

Rainstorm812622d ago

Yea too human is a better example Alan Wake was in development 1/3rd of the time DNF was.....and i agree Alan Wake wasnt a bad game at all.

I was hoping MS showed whatever they are working on with Alan Wake at E3

omi25p2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

Why did you put a N in my user name? Its omi25p not omni25p...

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TheLiztress2622d ago

It is a shame. I feel that it was the long wait that had people's and critic's hopes up. And that their hopes just happened to be too high.

ZombieAssassin2622d ago

I have a feeling a true Gearbox Duke game would be pretty decent not just something they put the finishing touches on. Still I don't care what the critics say I still want to play the game just waiting for a demo to try it out.

Jacobite2622d ago

The game is average, kind of fun if your a Duke fan not in anyway a great game or worth full price game. Most of these so called critics giving scores 2\10,3/10 are talking through their A$$ and if thats the case then they can mark down that gimped Crysis 2 then.

IaMs122622d ago

I was being as optimistic as i can before and while i am currently playing through it, and to be honest it hit me today. It really does suck. They spent too much time polishing the jokes/interactions of the world inside of focusing on the gameplay, the feel of the guns. It has something missing, but can quite put my finger on exactly what it is. Oh well, ill still finish it.

DA_SHREDDER2622d ago

it isn't as fun as DN on the ps2 thats for sure.

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