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jdfoster002659d ago

Damn was hoping for MORE zombie maps and not just one =./

MillerTime2659d ago

If you click on the coding link man it shows where a hacker found more possibilities for zombie maps. <3

xPhearR3dx2658d ago

Supposably it's going to be released in 2 weeks if this is indeed legit.

Kee2659d ago

Man, zombies are the best thing about that game.

Rush2658d ago

Left 4 Dead 2 = Zombie heaven.

CoD = average zombie mod.

RedDead2658d ago

^^^The sad thing is that you're both correct

jwk942659d ago

Was this on the disc?

HK62659d ago

Knowing Activision, it was probably planned for CoD:WaW, delayed from MW2, and was on the disc for Black Ops.

TXIDarkAvenger2659d ago

Why the heck would it be delayed from MW2. Activision is not the dev.

HK62657d ago

Man, N4G is terrible at detecting major sarcasm.

Kee2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Not a chance. Did you download the last map packs? They were like 2gb apiece.

If they were on the disc, what was I downloading, lol?

EDIT: Haha, @No way I've seen that before, but it's always a teensy weensy 200kb code or something when it's on the disc. Like with the soul calibur IV exclusive characters for xbox/ps3 which they released later for a price when it's already on the disc.

No Way2659d ago

One big ass key to unlock em, just to fool suckas like you ! >:/
Just kidding, but I wouldn't be surprised with Activision. :P

weazle2659d ago

More Black Ops? No Thanks, I sold that garbage months ago. I will wait for BF3!

Kon2659d ago

Good, good, awesome in fact.

farhad2k82659d ago

Why come all the way to a Black Ops article to say that? Do you know how immature that is?

I'm not too fond of Black Ops myself, but I don't just come here to view the article and then curse the game.

What's this world coming to.

Kee2659d ago

Can we start flagging those people as trolls yet?

They really shouldn't be here.

Microsoft_Spokesman2658d ago

Well N4G is a circlejerk of CoD haters.

No Way2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I have two black ops CDs and two MW2 CD's that I'ma trade in to get MW3 free. :)
Though, I'ma possibly keep Black Ops, just mainly for the zombie modes, still fun.
I already have Battlefield 3 paid off, so I'm all set for both games later this year.

SNEEKZ0NER2658d ago

Lol wow you're getting ripped off you could easily sell those two black ops disks for $30

THWIP712658d ago

...because games don't come on least not since PS1. ;)

No Way2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Hah, well .. I'll hafta see the prices I'm offered, first.
I mean two of the disks are kinda fucked up and don't quite work anymore.
So, I don't quite mind, but I'll still get like $20 from Gamestop for em.

Though,I won't need em no more, so might as well get rid of em, for MW3.

@THWIP71 - Hahaha. ;) Good call, lol. :P

iGaMei2659d ago

I will buy if its not within a month of MW3 because then there would be no point

theEx1Le2659d ago

Why? I dont understand the mentality here :S
You can't play black ops after mw3 comes out?

iGaMei2659d ago

I can but i will be too focused on Mw3. I'm not downplaying it for example I played Cod4 the day Mw2 came out I never touched it again. When Black ops came out I never touched Mw2 again .

TXIDarkAvenger2659d ago

LOL, it was the other way around for me.

Play CoD4, then played MW2, then played Bops, and then went back to MW2.

JeffGUNZ2658d ago

MW2 would have been outstanding if they balanced the perk loadouts and didn't have such overpowering killstreaks. COD4 was such a master piece.

DirtyLary2658d ago

welcome to console gaming. Kids abandon games like nothing I've ever seen before.

Coming for pc gaming this mentality is so weird.

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solidsnake2222659d ago

Awesome, I can spend another $15 on one zombies map.

solidsnake2222659d ago

Lol, I love the disagrees. If you buy these for anything but zombies there's something wrong with you.

TXIDarkAvenger2659d ago

lol so true.

Meh, there's something wrong with you if you buy these map packs. In total of the 3 map packs, thats dishing out $60 for 3 zombie maps.

perdie2658d ago


15*3= 60?

it equals 45

Glitch1002658d ago

I'm with you on that one; Its the only reason I got the previous map packs on this and WaW...


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