Smartphone not a threat to Vita, says Sony

Sony America boss Jack Tretton doesn't believe the success of smartphone gaming is a threat to the success of Sony's newest handheld, PlayStation Vita.

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sinncross2736d ago

It all comes down to the controls itself and I think this is where Vita stands its ground. However, Sony really need to showcase PS Suite now: not are they only losign ground on the Android games markets, but the quality of gaming on PS Suite would only reflect well on Vita against the general smartphone threat purely because Vita would be playing smartphone games as well.

miyamoto2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

If you are an American billionaire. Maybe.
Ask yourself about this.

Smartphones can never replace the appeal of a dedicated gaming device.

Who among us is the smart-ass that will buy a smartphone for the sake of gaming?

Haven't these guys learned that powerful specs alone does not mean success?

Dedicated gaming devices, they may not sell as many as smart phones but there will always be a market for the 3DS/PSV. No matter how smart and powerful these smart phones become.

Sony learned that the most important thing in the consumers mind is price. That is why the PSV is priced at $250 - it's their number one criteria & priority when designing the PSV.

And to that value proposition, Sony's successful formula with PlayStation is: a dedicated gaming device with many other functionality on the side.
Before phones have built in cameras & music players Sony made a multi-media design initiative that would later be a standard design by most electronic entertainment devices other than the PC.

With the exception of the PS3, the PS1, PS2, PSP & now the PSV were all priced reasonably at $300 for home consoles and $250 for portables.

This are the less expensive entertainment device you will let your kids play with not smart phones.

Dedicated gaming machines are for dedicated gamers.

miyamoto2735d ago

Also why would Sony make the Xperia play if smart phones will ever be a huge threat & steal in the PS Vita's market?

jack_burt0n2735d ago

Its competing with 5" devices, you cant run away from that.

So make sure its got a decent set of multimedia features and people will buy it instead of a tablet.

Sony would be stupid not to make it a competitive device outside of japan, we have already seen that devices need more than selling to the core 4 million who will buy it no matter what.

longcat2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Hardware success depends on price and software lineup.

How many life cycles must we go through to finally accept this?

joeorc2736d ago

why, because the Playstation Suite runs on the PSVita just as it does on Smartphones an Tablets.

Its not just about the PSVita being the only gaming handheld for Sony that's being released.

the Playstation Suite is also a Game platform. where the same playstation games that run on the smart phones an Tablets can also run just as well on a game handheld like the PSVita.

beast242tru2736d ago


actually a big difference

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