Patch Alert: SOCOM 4 v1.03

Posted by Jeremy Dunham: It’s update time from our headquarters in Redmond, Washington, and our latest patch – version 1.03 – addresses and adds a number of key things that SOCOM 4 fans should appreciate. In fact, starting today you’ll find more polished camera reactions, additional control customization options, a number of refinements to the Clan Challenge feature, and some pre-loaded files that prepare SOCOM 4 for the release of our upcoming SOCOM Pro Assault Pack, which will be available for download at no cost to you later today, among other changes that can be reviewed in the more detail list highlighted below.

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N4GAddict2714d ago

Great to see the game still going strong.

gaffyh2714d ago

I'm amazed at the support this game gets, despite having a relatively small install base. MAG had great support too, I guess they're trying to please the fans as much as possible.

Max_Dissatisfaction2714d ago

Lol you kidding me? Its a patch...fixing the problems it shipped with. What is so amazing?

MidnytRain2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

They balanced out weapons due to community complaints and added new interface features. Did you read the article? It's okay if you didn't. I've been on N4G for just over one and a half years now; this is kind of expected, lol.

Then again, judging by your user name, I assume you're never happy with anything. ;)

NoBias2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Nah, it sounds like Max is a SOCOM fan to me. Like myself. The SOCOM community has been waiting forever for this game to get patched.

Funny thing is that this game is still broken. With bloom spray and no party system. It's so freaking hard to play with your friends unless you do clan match all day.

I've been hardcore on every SOCOM but this game is absolute trash. Nothing SOCOM about it besides the name. I still can't believe you can aim while in cover...

Oh and the party system patch isn't due until sometime in July. What's great is that after gamers saw that it wasn't in the beta, Zipper promised us that the party system would be there on launch. 2 months later and we still can't play with our friends. Ridiculous.

But those on the outside of this situation who don't know much about this game or SOCOM in general will try and make those who do feel like they are the ones who are wrong haha.

MysticStrummer2714d ago

@ NoBias - Read Max's comments. He's not a fan of anything Playstation related. I'm a SOCOM fan since game one day one, and although I'd love a party system, I'm having a blast with SOCOM 4. It's not trash at all. Always glad to see a patch, and nearly every game gets patched these days no matter how much you want to pretend otherwise, and I'm looking forward to the three new free maps we're getting soon. Literally the only things I miss about old SOCOM are Extraction and the gun going hot. Some classic map DLC would be nice but I have no complaints about the new ones. Abandoned is sweet though.


Now, if they just had through of it BEFORE releasing the game.

Don't get me wrong, I like SOCOM 4, but some decisions was just bullcrap, like getting hid of lobbies, no party system and no pistols... Thank god they at least was right about the gameplay, it could use a bit faster strafing and granade proper aim, but it's definetelly an evolution from previous SOCOM games.

NoBias2714d ago

How you can even still play it boggles my mind ha. Take out gun recoil and replay with random bullet spray? Come on... :\


There's recoil on spray, just the first shoot will go right on the target and after that your aim will keep deslocating upwards. Althrough indeed not so much as other SOCOM games, but it's ok.

There's a lot I would change on SOCOM, better communication (Hold To Talk), add lobies and party system, add pistols, more deep weapon customization, bring back older modes, have more maps... A lot on the infrastructure, presentation and features, but I'm actually happy with the gameplay.

Also, I like the maps. They do have camping spots, but if you had played clan matches against good teams you'll see they are actually great for teamwork. A good team who knows the multiple paths and the camping spots on the map and work together to syncronize attacks and defense always wins over campers or run'n'gunners.

Anyway, as any Zipper fan will tell you, they had changed a lot since SOCOM 2 but one thing they are still recognized for is the good support and implementing the community feedback the better they can. SOCOM 4 started on the wrong path not listening to fans and turned out to be a flawed gem, let's just hope for the better and Zipper keep the value of it name to make the game better with each update.

SpaceSquirrel2714d ago

Can't wait to try the new patch out

BlackTar1872714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

i no longer care for Zipper interactive.. Sucks i was such a fan since socom 1 then after socom 2 they all went down hill..

This game is fun but no party system. problems that they fixed in the beta but not retail still. dumb

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