Kinect Hack Lends Wheelchair-Bound Shoppers A Hand

Shopping for groceries in a wheelchair can be tough. A Kinect hack, of all things, might make it easier.

The Kinect hack has become an entire subgenre of technology innovation, ever since the Microsoft device debuted for Xbox 360 back in November. We've seen all sorts of wild experiments with the Kinect: an invisibility cloak, a flying robot, and yes, inevitably, that Minority Report interface. What was intended as a mere toy has become a canvas for DIY creativity.

One thing we've seen relatively little of, though, is socially-conscious Kinect hacking. Just as we were beginning to get cynical, however, along comes a fellow named Luis Carlos Inácio de Matos to warm our hearts with a Kinect hack for the wheelchair-bound, called Wi-Go.

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Max_Dissatisfaction2738d ago

Great story, fulfilling and rich

Redgehammer2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I shop from a wheel chair, and all I can say is I want one!