Psychonauts Publishing Rights Revert To Creator Double Fine

Double Fine Productions now owns the publishing rights to its cult hit 2005 action-adventure game Psychonauts, and will directly benefit from all future sales.
That is according to senior gameplay programmer Anna Kipnis, who Tweeted the news on Tuesday afternoon.

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Yi-Long2713d ago

... Psychonauts was pretty damn good, so a follow-up or even a HD-remake would be nice.

ReservoirDog3162713d ago

HD remake would be a good place to start. Then a sequel.

At very least a remake.

Darkfocus2713d ago

I really want to finish Psychonuats but every time I get to the part where you have to collect 1000 arrowheads for the cobweb duster I stop playing....

young juice2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

its not 1000 its 800. and all you have to do is buy the dowsing rod for deep arrowheads. youll be getten a crapload of arrowheads. you missed out on a great game

Infernostew2713d ago

Collecting all the figments is one of my proudest gaming achievements.

lochdoun2713d ago

I sense an HD remake coming soon. ;]