Nintendrought: The Wii Games North America is Never Getting

Despite the Wii U being a full year away, the Wii's list of upcoming games is barren outside this fall's release of Skyward Sword. This piece tackles the numerous Nintendo-published Japan and Europe only games that Nintendo of America can't seem to be bothered to bring over.

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tunaks12739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

well Xenoblade is getting a EU release, just import it and play it with the help of GeckOS

but Pandora's Tower and The Last Story I've lost hope for...

Lavalamp2739d ago

It's a darn shame that Nintendo is depriving us of these gems. My monies ain't gonna get in yo pockets on they own, Ninty.

Otheros002739d ago

So much fail nintendo. Why did you show them to the west if you never plan on releasing them in the west?

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