Blizzard's Real ID: Is Premium Too Much?

Blizzard Entertainment is expanding its gamer network to include additional, premium services for its players. Has the desire for more revenue crossed the line with gamers?

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vortis2741d ago

They're in bed with Activision. In the words of Mr. Gecko, "greed is good".

They'll continue to milk gamers who aren't smart enough to play better games.

Axll2741d ago

It's not just Blizzard either, look at the new Call of Duty Elite.

Terrified2741d ago

Anything they can do to get a dollar out of someone. WTB GW2

No_Pantaloons2741d ago

They will continue to charge extra for anything gamers are willing to pay for, grudgingly or not if you're gonna hand over the dough eventually, then they could care less what the public opinion of it is.

I love video games, but I hate the last decade or so with all the corporate bullshit going on now. All the rules have changed, its not make a good game, get good sales. It really is how far can we push people before they break, and apparently they can get away with a lot like calling it "premium" and players will still tolerate it. I wish the majority of gamers were willing to strike back and just flat out boycott any company with gluttonous business practices like this.

TravUK2741d ago

With Activision Blizzard turning over insane profit each year, especially with the 11 million WoW players paying £9 EVERY MONTH, is charging more really necessary?