Blu-Ray Versus Streaming: Where Do You Stand? I remember heading to a friend-of-a-friend’s house to watch the 2004 Super Bowl (also the first time I watched anything on HDTV) and seeing racks upon racks of DVDs lining the walls, surely a few hundred or more. I remember thinking both that it was impressive that this guy was willing to spend so much money on films, but also that his home theater was going to be looking like a collection of eight-tracks in a decade or so.

But I guess we’re creeping up on that decade mark and that DVD collection isn’t quite as outdated as Sony and the other creators of the Blu-Ray standard might’ve wished for. Oddly enough, 2004 marked the peak of the U.S. home video market, when consumers gobbled up $21.8 billion in DVDs and rentals; in 2010 that had fallen to $18.8 billion after six straight years of declines. Blu-ray sales were up by 50% over the last year, but that’s still building up from a fairly small base. Blu-ray is obviously going to see sales increases for the next few y...

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Solidus187-SCMilk2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

I use them both, they are great.

Dramscus2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Streaming or straight up downloading via torrents.
I haven't used a dvd or bluray for a movie in ages.
I think it helps that my computer is attached to my hd tv via the pci cable.

If it's about gaming though I'm all down for the big disks. One day streaming and dl'ing digital only games will be the way to go but for the time being no.

Chug2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Dude, you've never watched a blu ray movie? Wow, you should.

Edit: Whoops, meant to reply to 1.2

Anyways, I prefer Blu Ray for the overall quality but I'm also a Netflix user.

Anarki2740d ago

Definitely blu-ray. Being from Britain, I have the worst possible connection, ever. Streaming a 1080p movie is something which I will not be able to do anytime soon.

darthv722740d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

I enjoy, Blu, dvd, streaming as well as laserdisc and even vhs (some things have yet to be released on even dvd).

You have to think of the convenience of things. Tapes gave way to cd's because of the convenience of skipping forward or back on a track without the time it takes to "wind" like tape did.

Same thing with VHS to DVD. Blu is an evolutionary upgrade to DVD but it was DVD that was a revolutionary upgrade to VHS. The argument of streaming and quality will always be there but you have to admit. There are newer codecs that can do some impressive quality to rival that of blu and be so small.

malamdra2740d ago

blu ray for keepers, streaming/torrents for crap like Limitless

ProjectVulcan2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

The transition from bluray/DVD to streaming isn't gonna be happening overnight. It will be gradual as average internet speeds climb. Eventually we will reach a point where streaming high quality 1080p video will be straightforward for everyone's connection.

It will be the same story for games too. Eventually they will be download only for consoles too, even if this takes another ten years. PC is already pointing the way here, with the market now already tipping heavily in favour of full download titles. Where PC leads, consoles inevitably follow.

As i said below once most developed countries have mature and widespread next gen fibre networks and everyone has at least cheap 50 meg lines, 100meg easily available then it'll be natural to stream movies and download games.

It is up to the investment in new networks. Unfortunately it seems as no one really wants to take much responsibility for the cost of high speed internet in the U.k, development has been relatively slow. I have already been told it will be at least 3 more years until i can get fibre, and i do live in a reasonable sized town.

gamingdroid2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Streaming all the way for me, but as the author noted, I never bought a single streaming movie. I use Netflix, and other legal sources.

The quality isn't as good as Blu-Ray, but it's more than good enough for me as I'm already amazed at the quality jump. Going the extra mile all the way to Blu-Ray seem worth the cost.

That said, I own 2 Blu-Ray movies Enter the Dragon and the Hulk. Neither have I actually opened!

I used to buy far more DVDs, but regret that decision now. I just don't see value in owning, when I can stream. By the time I want to see the movie again, it almost surely will be on Netflix INSTANT streaming.

LoVeRSaMa2739d ago

I stand nowhere, I am sitting down.

..oh the topic, right well I use Blurays for main entertainment (living room ect) and streaming for bedroom and quick things :)

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LOGICWINS2740d ago

I prefer streaming..its faster, easier, and its free if you know where to look. If a show airs one day, 90% of the time it can be found on the net the next day.

Also, with the don't need to worry as much about viruses from shady websites as opposed to using a PC.

This July, it'll be four years since I've owned a PS3 and I've NEVER watched a Blu-Ray movie on it. I'd be open to it..but I would rather pay $0 to watch a stream of a series in DVD quality than pay $50-$60 for a Blu-Ray boxset..even though the picture quality is obviously better.

With streaming, I can just watch the damn show..thats good enough for me.

Redempteur2740d ago

what is this , 2006 ?

go to amazon ( example ) and see how much a blu ray cost...

LOGICWINS2740d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

^^And yet I would still rather pay ZERO dollars. I think the point of my comment flew right past your head.

EDIT: However, I will take your comment to heart next month. I'm getting a 1080p 42 inch and I plan to buy at least one Blu-Ray movie to see what I'm missing...but it won't be something that I do on a regular basis.

Like I said, I would rather pay ZERO dollars to see a streamed film online than spend $10-$15 on it in a store. I'm not a pixel counter or graphics whore..I don't need to see everything in 1080p or 720p to enjoy it.

Biggest2739d ago

Just a thief. The beauty of BluRay is not in picture clarity alone. It's pretty tough to download a movie with anywhere close to BluRay sound levels. My 7.2 Onkyo powered sound systems LOVES BluRay.

theonlylolking2739d ago

Physical will always be greater than not so physical until physical gets pwnd by streaming, downloading, etc...

Denethor_II2739d ago

"I'm getting a 1080p 42 inch"

Meh, I eat these little girl TV's for breakfast.

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Orange2740d ago

blu-ray if it's criterion. otherwise, netflix is fine.

Infernostew2739d ago

The Criterion for Thin Red Line is absolutely breathtaking. Definitely not my favorite film in their catalog but it's totally worth it for the quality and the film has great cinematography.

Orange2739d ago

dude, tell me about it. it's absolutely mesmorizing.

doG_beLIEfs2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Agreed, streaming for movies I don't want to buy and Blu-ray for those that I do. The Mbps for blu-ray tops out in the 40's....something streaming simply cannot do at the moment. 1080p streaming is just not the same as 1080p Blu-ray because of the difference in Mbps.

A more detailed summation of what I was saying Vulcan. Well done.

kaveti66162739d ago

1 Gbps is coming to California soon, so in some places of the world Blu-Ray may be irrelevant.

ProjectVulcan2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Bluray wins for quality certainly. Until the average internet connection exceeds 50meg. I think when everyone has 50+ megs in lets say a decade, then streaming will be fast and convenient that most people will begin to prefer this method. It will eventually dominate.

It will always still be nice to have physical copies, but music has already made that transition where people are perfectly happy with digital copies alone. The reason movies have not quite made this step for me is simply bandwidth and the box under the tv, its more convenient and faster for more people to grab a disc than download or buffer a good quality stream. The more boxes that ship capable of net streaming be it consoles or other media centres, the quicker the takeup will be and the higher the demand for speedier internet.

DeadIIIRed2739d ago

Agreed, but Blu ray still has about 5-8 years of relevancy. I like to think that Netflix is to streaming, what Laserdisc was to DVD

tplarkin72739d ago

You can't stand for both (or none). Disc formats are dying. People that argue for owning physical media are ignoring the history of media. All physical media is replaced every decade by new technology.

Streaming or digital media is the future. Less moving parts, no physical objects to clutter the house, no physical exercise in inserting/ejecting media. Win, win, win!

R6ex2739d ago

Blu ray for me.

Streaming is just too slow!

siliticx2739d ago

I Stand in the kingdom of Canada, where bandwidth caps and use corps rule the world.

SaiyanFury2739d ago

They both have a place. My internet connection is ill-equipped to support HD video streaming. I can barely stream video in DVD quality so BD is my best option for HD video.

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PirateThom2740d ago

I use both, but streaming is not, in any capacity, a proper way to watch in "HD". It's handy to just click a button and watch a movie, but I'm never going to accept watching, say, Blade Runner as a stream.

MrDead2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Blade Runner was the first Blu-Ray I purchased, its even more stunning than Avatar and that looks amazing. Twin that with HD DTS and it'll make your nipples hard.

ReviewOfGames2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

They are both great ways of using media. Blu-Ray, I would think, has better video quality though.