Hustle Kings Vita - E3 Preview [PlayStation LifeStyle]

Hustle Kings is no stranger to the PlayStation 3, having released in late 2009 in Europe and early 2010 in North America. Boasting incredible visual fidelity as well as a patch to support the PlayStation Move, it really is the go-to pool simulator for billiards fanatics everywhere. Now the game will be coming to the PS Vita, and we’ve got our hands-on preview after the break.

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TerminalGamer2741d ago

Shooting pool on the Vita should be awesome

T3mpr1x2741d ago

It's a lot of fun, and I could see the asynchronous multiplayer working really well.

BigWoopMagazine2741d ago

I love playing pool, but for some reason playing pool in video games always drives me a little nuts. Still never tried it with Move or a touch screen though, so maybe I should give it a shot.

ZombieAssassin2741d ago

The move might make it more fun but from playing pool games on my Ipod I can tell you touch screens don't really add that much to the experience and more often than not they just make the game more frustrating.

dragon822741d ago

Always enjoy a good game of pool.