Mass Effect 3 Plus Kinect: Is it Necessary?

GP blogger, FontaineFuturistics writes, "Recently at E3, Bioware announced that the next installment of Mass Effect will make use of the kinect, or more specifically, the voice recognition feature of the device. While, the cool factor is definitely there, it begs the question, does a game like Mass Effect 3 really NEED kinect functionality? Does it ADD to the overall experience?"

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Nate-Dog2742d ago

No it isn't necessary, that's why it's just an extra option for players who have Kinect if they want to try the game a different way. To me the voice commands of the dialogue-wheel don't really have any point because what the dialogue-wheel option says isn't what Shepard says, it's just basically summing up what you're Shepard is going to say (unlike a game like maybe Fallout). So basically what I mean is lets say the dialogue option is "what are you doing here?", you would say aloud "what are you doing here?" and your Shepard will basically add on to that the full version of something like "I haven't seen you in a long time, how'd you end up in a place like this?" like he/she is saying it twice (although that pickiness is probably just with me).

The voice-commands for instructing your squad could be handy but again nothing necessary, just an extra option for you if you want it.

zeal0us2741d ago

not necessary just optional
too bad it doesn't support headsets

earbus2741d ago

Not at all but it adds to the experience,either way the article is a great troll opportunity for kinnect hate.

000000000000000000012741d ago

I guess we will find out after Mass Effect 3 is released!

Grown Folks Talk2741d ago

No win situation. People have been asking for use implemented in games of this type, yet when they start to do it, still complaining.

You rarely, if at all, see the best of anything right off the bat. As the software that powers Kinect improves, & devs get more familiar with what they can do with it, the experiences will get better. It's no different than regular games for a system. Did we see Shadow of the Colossus type of work for the PS2 launch? They eventually learn how to maximize potential.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Sorry, but what potential? Every console on the market has motion control, PS3 has it's own working with hardcore games from day one without having to "maximise potential", it did just gave players the option to replace the joyapad working as well as it ( even in competitive multiplayer online!! ), and we are talking of almost a year ago!

Can' t believe people still think there is potential enough to replace the joypad with the Kinect in the future ... really, it' s not trolling or something, this is what things are, I don' t want to be offensive, but adult people have to open their eyes!

IronFistChinMi2741d ago

I don't think anyone's looking for Kinect to replace the joypad, but provide an alternate control scheme.

Grown Folks Talk2741d ago

Exactly. I never said anything about it replacing the controller. Simply getting better use than what we've seen so far.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2741d ago

Oh, come on ... "you are the controller" ... Everyone who bought one at launch was looking for something alternative to the normal controller, let' s be honest now! After all it's not your fault if it doesn' t do what advertised!

Let me add that 150$ price tag says it should do a lot more than just support the normal controller. At least this is my opinion because I would not spend -I bet no one would if they knew really what they were really buying ( from a hardcore gamer prospective, of corse )- that much for such a gimmck No Matter Who Makes it.

Grown Folks Talk2741d ago

If you choose to go for marketing terms, so be it. I bought one because I think some talented devs will do some creative things with it in the future.

Why can we not believe in "potential"? I see players get drafted in the NFL & NBA every year based on said potential. It comes down to whether or not that potential is ever realized.

I've had fun with Kinect so far, but I expect better things to come of it. If it turns out that I bought another 32X for my Sega Genesis, then that's money out of my pocket wasted, not anybody elses.

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