Forza Motorsports 4 Demonstrates Revolutionary Use of Kinect

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YodaCracker2712d ago

Here's a great video to watch:

Apparently Turn 10's experimentation with Kinect has inadvertently led to them vastly improving the graphics and lighting engine in the game.

kaveti66162712d ago

the graphics aren't vastly improved, but the plus side is that they managed to bring 16 cars to the track while still managing some improvement so it shows that they are really trying. They even added day/night tracks but I don't think it's a realtime day/night cycle.

I_find_it_funny2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

No matter how good the graphics are, no matter how minimum the lag is, no matter how easy the controlls.

I just won't keep my hands semi straight for more than 5 minutes to play a video game. It's just not comfortable.

another vid

MasterCornholio2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Saw the Video. Its the first time i have seen kinect with Forza.

What i dont like about it. Is the ammount of time that it takes to select something. Also there does seem to be a bit of input lag between the guys arm movements and the games steering wheel. And i have noticed that there is some sort of steering aid functioning while he drives the car.

The only question i have is. How do you break and accelerate with kinect?

As i stated in another post these types of games are best played with a steering wheel or a controller.

Disccordia2712d ago

As far as I know, the car brakes and accelerates automatically when you use Kinect. The above video seems to suggest that's still the case too.

EVILDEAD3602711d ago

Huge Kudos to Yoda for linking the Gamespot Vid..I loved Forza 3 but my god..Forza 4 looks like a HUGE step forward for the franchise.

The Kinect stuff is cool..the Autovista completely tranforms your garage into a Top Gear interactive game within the game that has wayyy more detail than they showed on stage. The graphics look incredible, but I had zero idea that they used those same graphics to improve the lighting system and fidelity into the actual

As for the arcade racing with Kinect..that's simply just icing on the cake and a cool diversion to bring in more audiences that would actually desire to play a full out car sim.


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GrumpyVeteran2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Looks really cool honestly. But I couldn't help notice the stuttering when moving from point of interest on the car to the next.(In that autovista mode or whatever) That was really obvious and quite annoying.

DJMarty2712d ago

@YodaCracker - Thats laughable.....

BRRM BRRM BRRM................LOL

Mkai282712d ago

I think this is the best way to involve Kinect into the core gamers, by combining the controller/Steering wheel with Kinect.

It would be nice if you could look into ppls cars while they are driving online using Kinect, as if you were the passenger. Rally mode maybe?

ASSASSYN 36o2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Like I have said before. Kinect and controller dual usage is going to be the new control scheme. Not kinect only.

Head tracking
Voice manipulation
|_simaltaneous orders with voice and controller input.
Eye tracking

doG_beLIEfs2712d ago

ALL of what you mentioned are done primarily by software. Kinect, PSeye, both capable however Kinect is half the framerate of the eye.

mendicant2712d ago

So where are the PSeye games that are doing this?

You're right about one thing it's the software and that is something that obviously is working in Microsoft's advantage.

theIMP2712d ago

Damn dog can we please discuss Kinect in a Xbox article without someone interrupting us to say Sony is better? Please kindly STFU, and go into the "much better" Sony articles. Nobody in here cares what you think about Sony, this article has nothing to do with them.

ASSASSYN 36o2712d ago

And your point? I can care less what the ps eye can or can't do and never has done. You sony kids are so desperate to get 10 seconds of recognition for ps eye every chance you get. Give up, no one cares about it.

CobraKai2712d ago

But that defeats the purpose of "you are the controller" that MS has been pushing, and if that's the case then Sony was right in saying that people need buttons.

I do think using Kinect to examine cars is brilliant.

The_Ultimate_Guy2712d ago

That's not true.

If you use the Kinect to perform a command or function and not the controller, even if you are using the controller to play, still means you were the controller to perform that function and didn't use the controller.

Ie. FORZA 4. - using the controller or a racing wheel but turn your head to see the car beside you. You "could" have used the controller to do that, but instead used your head with Kinect. You WERE the controller at that moment.

Ie. Mass Effect 3 - You are using the controller to duck, shoot etc but you use your voice to command your party. You "could" have used the controller in your hand to command them but instead you used your voice with Kinect. YOU are being the controller using your voice at that moment doing that function since you didn't use the controller.

Anytime you choose to use Kinect, you are then "becoming" the controller as you are doing controller functions but not actually using a controller to carry them out.

Now if MS were to bring you a controller like Move or Wii's remote, THEN you could make that argument that you are no longer the controller since you are using a controller that has to be recognized by Kinect.

theIMP2712d ago

@ Cobra
They said in the beginning that there would be all types of games when Kinect came out. While it was still Natal they said there would be "you are the controller" games, Traditional games, and Hybrid games. It does not defeat and purpose. I think every comment that says "But that defeats the purpose", defeats the purpose of an education and/or paying attention. Once again for the 1,000,000,000th time, they have said from the very beginning, before it was even released, that there would be these type of games, so can we please stop with this very old and tired half assed troll attempt, because it couldn’t be more wrong and inaccurate.

CobraKai2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

What troll attempt? The selling point of Kinect is the fact that you become the controller. And yes when they mentioned that you can use the controller for traditional or hybrid games, I thought; "that defeats the purpose". So for the 1,000,001 time... Kinect with a controller aka a vaunted controller-less device using a controller... "defeats the purpose".

@ Ultimate Guy
At least you used solid evidence to back up your opinion. I agree with your last statement, but I still disagree. While you do paint a clearer picture of how "you become the controller", using a controller with the Kinect just seems ironic to me. When you take away the controller-less aspect of it, there is nothing really groundbreaking about Kinect. Headtracking is nothing new. PC games had headtracking with IR cameras before Kinect came out, not to mention GT5. There was a PS2 game that ONLY used voice commands so I know that's been done, not to mention Socom and Rainbow Six already having voice commands for your teammates in conjunction with your controller.

The reason I love Auto Vista is because you are using Kinect in a way it was designed for, same with the gunsmith feature of Ghost Recon.

MasterCornholio2712d ago

Kinect will be a fun feature that people will try out for a while. But then they will go back to using steering wheels and controllers.

Sheikh Yerbouti2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

It will have limited use because there are "only a selected number of cars that can be viewed in the AutoVista mode." It will be tacked on.

VonBraunschweigg2712d ago

I wonder how refined the steering will be after 5 minutes of holding your hands in the air. After all, "the green hell only starts after the carrousel", your arms are pulp by then. Arms need to rest on a proper steering wheel, preferably a 900 degree wheel with decent FFB. Playing a sim using a controller is madness, the MS wheel is crap, Kinect is a gimmick, and the newly announced Fanatec wheels for PC and 360 cost a minimum of 350 (euros) without pedals, clearly aimed for the pro PC segment.

Forza needs proper wheel support, everything else doesn't matter as long as the basics, the driving, is fundamentally flawed. With Logitech support I will buy Forza 4 day one, without it I'll stick with GT5. For about 100 you can get the good Driving force GT, for 200-250 a G25 and there's a G27 if you want more. Combine that with a Fanatec wheelstand and you have a rocksolid base for 900 degree hand-over-hand hairpins, pedals that allow for perfect heel-toeing, stuff that matters in a sim.

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