America's Army Is Bigger And Better After New Update

The United States Army has released a big update to America's Army 3. A slew of updates that include two new maps titled Shantytown and Stronghold, and the brand new "Every Soldier a Sensor" gameplay option.

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Cwalk8162688d ago

W00t. I've been waiting for some new stuff.

GregoryAllen2688d ago

It's so surreal that the army can put out something like this...

rmoar2688d ago

I'd actually say America's Army is pretty low on the list of incredible things the U.S. Army is capable of.

GetoverHere1222688d ago

These games we're kind of weird, but I remember enjoying it on Xbox.

honestpizza2688d ago

That's too bad. This would be fun to have the consoles for those of us not up to speed with the latest gaming rig.