GiantBomb: Duke Nukem Forever Review

GiantBomb writes "I certainly never expected that I'd write a review of Duke Nukem Forever. It was long-dead, relegated to the isle of canceled games alongside StarCraft: Ghost and Thrill Kill."

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linkprk25842688d ago

i guess it was hyped way to much

sarshelyam2688d ago

I think it's more likely people aren't "getting" the whole release in general. It was never made to push the genre forward, it was a love letter to fans...Duke Nukem, nothing more, nothing less. Anyone who was a fan and played the demo should realize they got exactly what they set out to do...but putting it up against the likes of contemporary FPS releases that are pushing the boundaries of the art? That simply isn't its intent.

Ghoul2688d ago

noone takes into account that the game was developed to death

gearbox finished it out of pure service to the fans, stop bitching

the game is great if you had the pleasure to be

A) allready gaming 1996
B) played Duke 3D

multipayer2688d ago

"This time, presented at face value without any meaningful wink or nod to modern sensibilities, the whole thing feels like it was written by crazy people. The character simply doesn't work in 2011, and now that I've played Duke Nukem Forever, I'm left wondering if the character ever truly worked at all, or if standards were just so much lower back then that we didn't bother paying much attention to how stupid it all was."

Playing video games is serious business, folks.