A Tiny Piece of Aliens: Colonial Marines Gameplay

LensOfTruth: This extremely brief video we found on YouTube is the only video available showing gameplay from Aliens: Colonial Marines. It’s actually from the Nintendo Wii U E3 press conference which means the footage is from either the Xbox 360 or PS3 version

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rezzah2737d ago

Looks better than avp.

Hellsvacancy2737d ago

Oh dear, not AVP, the movies and last game should never of happened

RevXM2737d ago

Looks satisfying this far.

But I cant get over the fact that...the trailer kind of says that the story takes place on the planet that WERE BLOWN UP in the movie!

I want more... and I really want Gearbox to get this right.

oddman762736d ago

Ripley blew up the colony and alien infestation with a nuclear explosion but not the planet

RevXM2736d ago

Oh, well prepare for mutant xenomorphs then...


Sound of the pulse Rifle needs to be fixed, possibly alpha code.

mafiahajeri2736d ago

I doubt that was the pulse rifle looks nothing like the pulse rifle...and all previews talked about how the pulse rilfe sounded just like the movies that sounds like something from a military shooter.